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mod post.

Hello, watchers of disneysecret. I don't think I ever formally announced it, but this is ~croisse under a rename token.

This post should have been made a while ago and I'm extremely sorry for such a long delay.

With declining participation here (as well as Livejournal in general, it seems), I've decided to close the community. At least for now. I'd rather say that this is a "hiatus" instead of a complete shut-down because I don't really know how the future will be.

There will be one more secrets post before the hiatus goes into effect, which will allow submissions from Disney as well as non-Disney animated films/television shows. Please note that all prior rules in this community still apply. If you need to be refreshed on how everything works, just take a glance at disneysecret's profile. The submissions post will go up shortly after this one. Assuming that we do not receive the minimum amount of secret submissions (10) by August 19, I will put up the "reminder" posts just as the mods have always done until we reach/exceed the minimum amount.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone. Anyone who ever submitted a secret, commented on someone else's secret(s), had informative and/or interesting discussions here, or just to people who lurked/watched the community - thank you. And a special thank you to toukohater, who was a much better mod than I was. I really appreciate you all making this community function so well and last as long as it did. I made disneysecret with the intent of having fun and I think this was accomplished thanks to everyone who ever participated here. So thank you so much.♥
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