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a "post secret" community dedicated entirely to Disney.

disneysecret @ lj.com


[info]disneysecret was born because I ([info]demeter) love Disney and I love the concept of "postsecret" communities. You've seen plenty of them, I'm sure. But this community is completely about Disney and everything that relates back to it.

submitting secrets

❖ Secrets are to be submitted in a comment on every submissions post (furthur instruction on submitting secrets will be in each submissions post).
❖ Submissions can not be porn, personal attacks (this includes everything from name-dropping* to using a hateful slur), or an image over 600x600 pixels. Additionally, pictures with any form of watermark/signature will not be allowed.
*A positive name-drop, sort of like a "Disney valentine," if you will, is the only exception to this rule. Please be aware that the mods will pay close attention to the responses for the secret's corresponding comment thread regardless. If it becomes a place to attack the person instead of praising them, the comments doing so will be screened. Negative, troll-ish name-drops will not be linked to at all. The mods reserve the right to post or not post name-drop secret submissions as they see fit. Both the OP of the secret and the person they are referring to have equal input as to if they would like the secret removed (if this is the case, please address the mod in the "comments/questions/concerns" thread on every secrets post).
❖ Keep the subject-matter Disney-related, please. You can go off topic from the movies themselves; if you wish to post about Disney World, cosplay, official merch., etc., that's fine, too.
❖ It is worth noting that submissions concerning non-Disney animated films/television shows* will be allowed every 5-6 regular Disney secrets posts. The mods will inform the community on the corresponding submissions post when these times occur.
*For example: films like The Road to El Dorado and television shows like Sailor Moon.
❖ Your secret will not be posted if any of these rules are broken. Please reference the FAQ post if you have any questions and/or need clarification about one of the above topics. Please only contact [info]demeter through PM if you feel it is absolutely necessary.


❖ Anonymous commenting is allowed, naturally. But please try to be courteous to one another. It's fine to have different opinions and discuss them, but blatantly starting wank/flame wars/etc. will not be tolerated.
❖ No name-dropping in threads. The comment will be screened or deleted if the mods notice this happening.
❖ The mods will screen/freeze/delete comments as they see fit. (Please note that this will only occur if there is any specific thread clearly becoming out of control and/or other LJ users make it known that they are uncomfortable. The mods will not just screen/freeze/delete comments of people who happen to disagree about something and get into a heated argument of sorts).
❖ Please do address the mods directly in the "suggestions/questions/concerns" thread on each secrets post if you feel like a particular thread should be screened/frozen/deleted. (More than likely we will agree with you, but if we do not we will not screen/freeze/delete something just because you asked us to). Please do not leave numerous comments about any one thread; if the mods don't respond to your concern(s) right away they are probably away from the computer. Your patience is appreciated.
❖ IP addresses are currently not logged. This will likely remain unaltered, but if it is decided to log IPs this change may not necessarily be announced.
❖ Continued rule-breaking (primarily concerning trolling/flaming) will result in a ban. Spamming the community will result in an immediate ban. Please leave a request in the suggestions/questions/concerns post if you would like to advertise for another LJ community and/or website.
❖ Please reference the FAQ post if you have any questions and/or need clarification about one of the above topics. Please only contact [info]demeter through PM if you feel it is absolutely necessary.


To affiliate with the community, please refer to our affiliates post.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your stay at [info]disneysecret!

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